Vic’s Bingo

Vic’s Bingo is one of the most flourishing bingo sites online. It’s a player’s choice hub for a wide range of nonstop games. They also welcome players from every part of the world without discrimination. Besides the great bingo games, they have a 24 hour customer through online chat and email service and chat rooms where players can socialize. The games on Vic’s Bingo gives gamers a unique experience, rewards and pleasure extraordinaire.

Play Now – Claim Bonus!

Vic’s Bingo offer bonuses and promotions all the time. New players receive free bingo cash on signing up. They aren’t required to pay a deposit for the bonus, but if the players continue to visit the site and decide to make a deposit; their first and second deposit will be given a considerable increase in value. Vic’s Bingo is a rhapsody of free money and bonuses daily all year round. Check out their website to find out more.

One other upside of Vic’s Bingo is that they are quick with payouts. Unlike other bingo sites, Vic’s Bingo will pay your withdrawals no matter how big or small. With the reliability that they have demonstrated over the past 8 years, you are assured that you will always be paid on time without qualms.

Bingo Games at Vic’s Bingo

Vic’s Bingo is always abuzz with gaming activities any hour of the day (or night!) Look no further, if a variety of bingo games is what you seek. One amazing feature of this site is that it does not require a user to download any bingo software. The site is flash powered and games load in an instant like a dream come true.

75 Ball Bingo – This section of the site is worth a try. There are many game designs you will encounter when you start to play at Vic’s Bingo. There are a lot of fun slots and unique video games awaiting.

$1k Bingo Games – playing at Vic’s Bingo gives you the chance to win a whopping $1k when you play these big jackpot games, which are held hourly. The money is real, and the tickets for these games don’t cost an arm and a leg. Anyone can play the big jackpot games, anyone can win, and that player could be you!

Daily free Bingo games – These free games have attracted masses of gamers online. Vic’s Bingo gives you chance to enjoy an infinitude of free bingo games, so no worries if you have a tight budget. You are guaranteed variety and fun the whole day, no matter the depth of your pockets.

Play Bingo Slots at Vic’s Bingo

Vic’s Bingo have tailored every online slots games for maximum game pleasure and winning chances with their slots spinning. They offer innumerable slots with huge instant cash prizes to be won on their games. Below are some of the many slot games that can be found at Vic’s Bingo.

Double Diamond Slot – This classic 3 reel slot games exists in 3 versions at Vic’s Bingo. There are those with a single winning pay line while others have up to five lines. Some slots will allow you play 1 coin per spin while others will require you to play three coins per spin. The double diamond slot games at Vic’s Bingo are absolutely worth a try!

Double Scoop Delight Slot – This 3 reel, 1 line online slot game is one of the fastest slot games at Vic’s Bingo. Gamers experience more fun with this slot game whose chances of winning are higher than any other. It has one play line and three possible coin settings. By playing 3 coins on each spin you are likely to take a home a large 2,400 jackpot on one of those spins.

Fire & Ice Slot – This classic slot game at Vic’s Bingo has won the hearts of many. There are two versions of this game currently but both have a set of 3 reels. One version allows you to play five pay lines while the other only has one pay line offer. Both versions of this slot game have higher rate of payouts with extreme game play pleasure. Get on Vic’s Bingo to try your luck with their Fire and Ice slot.

In today’s world, the love for bingo games has become an undeniable factor. More and more people are getting the necessary stimulation and gaming thrill from these simple and easily accessible games. There is no doubt that over the years, the popularity of bingo games has continued to blossom due the various innovations made to the game.

Vic's Bingo